AIR x MicroClimate
AIR x MicroClimate
AIR x MicroClimate
AIR x MicroClimate
AIR x MicroClimate
AIR x MicroClimate
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AIR x MicroClimate

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AIR by MicroClimate is a full faced, fully-filtered super mask that seals around the neck and filters both incoming and outgoing air. AIR uses four HEPA 12 filters around the frame of the mask to filter 97% of 0.30 particles. 


- 4 HEPA 11 filters
- Removable washable fabric scarf
- 8 hours of battery life
- Twin dual speed fans
- Full faced and fog free acrylic dome
- Two-size cushion liners included
- 6 ft USB-C cable included for charging
- Microfiber cloth for cleaning
- Carrying case
- Works well with AirPods and Live Listen feature on iOS
- Weighs approximately 2 lbs


Shipping to the contiguous U.S.
Produced in USA.

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Krista F.
United States United States

MicroClimate set me free

My doctor told me to stay home until the end of the pandemic. I'm so grateful You invented this filter so I don't have to.

Jennifer G.
United States

Anaphylactic Pollen

The MicroClimate Air has helped me navigate a climate changed world more safely. I have anaphylactic contact allergies to airborne oak and ragweed pollen. Keeping the pollen off my face and out of my airways using the MicroClimate Air has been a lifesaver. I've used this HEPA helmet to travel to doctors offices and allergy treatments during peak pollen season. Highly recommend.

United States United States

Too hot on days with high temperatures

Janice N.
United States United States

Love These Sensory Friendly Masks, Not Perfect, but Close

Probably the best masks on the market. I wish the hood opening was larger since it is hard to get it on with my glasses on because they get knocked and I have to try to get my hands up in there to straighten them. Also wish it was, somehow, more stable on the head (no idea how this could be accomplished). Would be nice if the screen wrapped around the sides enough to drive in it; on the rare occasion when I should mask while driving, I have to use a different mask. I definitely like the Air.2 better than the original because the filters are more secure. Fixing the filters when they are falling off is challenging with the hood on the screen because of the small neck opening, so I need to remove the hood from the screen when I need to put a filter back on as securely as I can manage. So, not quite perfect, but so much more perfect than anything else I've seen on the market. Being sensory friendly is a enormous plus with this mask because my son will keep his on, unlike with on-the-face masks. And you can breathe normally in it, unlike with most masks, making it suitable for those with weaker lungs. 5 stars for the Air.2. 4 stars for the original. I do wish that the Air.2 would light up to show it is charging like the original one did; I just cross my fingers and hope the connection is secure enough that it is charging. Unfortunately, the light on the cable to the Air.2 lights up whenever it is plugged in, irregardless of whether or not it is connected to the Air.2. But the most comfortable masks I've been able to find for sure.

gary s.
United States United States

Pretty good revisions in Air2, but still missed a few key points

The Air 2 is a very good revision BUT the microclimate design team really messed up a few things.. (1) the wires that go from the battery to the control board are exposed, and the tiny connectors have such short leads that if you accidentally unplug them (which happend to me the first time I tried to change the hepa filters) it takes about 30 minutes with a couple pair of bent tweezers to replug them. Please understand that I'm a seasoned EE engineer/designer, and if this process took me 30 minutes, it'll probably take an unskilled person an hour, or they might give up. I ended up giving up on one of the plugs and finally just soldered the wires together with some shrinkwrap for insulation. What A pain. Had the wires to the plugs been made only an inch longer so you could pull the plug and jack out in to the open to replug it, it'd have been a piiece of cake for anyone to do. Bad design.... (2) though the magnetic battery charge jack is much better than Air1's system, it's still too small and hiding too deeply in the fabric to sucessfully connect it without a LOT of fumbling. The connector should be placed out in the open, NOT under the fabric, then it would work easily. As is, it's a total pain to connect the magnetic charger. I ended up hacking mine and cut a small hole in the plastic, moved the connectr to that new hole, sealed up the old hole with some silicone, and now it's EASY to connect the charger. Other than that, 5 stars for the rest of the upgrades. The filters hold on to the housing better and overall it's a much better design!!