AIR was developed with a singular focus: safer and more comfortable travel. We know this new world is not ideal, but when it comes to your safety, we believe nothing is too extreme. And when it comes to air travel, comfort is king.

AIR comes with four HEPA filters located around the frame. These filter 99.97% of particles up to .03 microns coming both in and out of the AIR, keeping you and those around you safe.

At the bottom of the dome, are two high powered fans that pull air through the filters, creating a better overall air flow through the helmet, keeping it fog free and comfortable.

AIR’s acrylic dome gives a wide range of view, making it feel as if there is nothing in front of you. It also gives others a clear view of your face and your expressions.

The hood and neck scarf are made of an impermeable but breathable fabric, forcing all incoming and outgoing air through the filters.

At the bottom of the scarf are two drawstrings used to cinch the fabric comfortably around the neck, creating a seal.


Weight approximately 2 lbs
Two size cushion liners included
Removable washable fabric
HEPA filters
(details coming soon on replacements)
USB-C cable included for charging
8 hours of battery life
Works well with AirPods
Microfiber cloth for cleaning
Carrying case





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