When will I receive my AIR?
Great news! We are down to a 3 DAY back log and working hard to reduce that even more. We ship UPS-ground from Provo, UT. We'll post more updates as we do.

How will I know when my AIR is shipped?
Tracking information will be sent to the email used for purchase. Please check your spam folder as it might have gone there.

Do you deliver worldwide?
AIR is the first in a series of products from MicroClimate and will be shipping to the contiguous US. We will make a public announcement on our website and socials if this changes. 


Can I hear others while wearing AIR?
AIR is designed for air transit, and other high-density situations. In these situations, users are not typically having conversations. If you need to speak with someone, we recommend using Apple AirPods with LiveListen feature. This enables a link between the phones microphone and earbuds. A similar feature is also available through Sound Amplifier on Android. 

How do the fans affect hearing?
The fans do slightly impair hearing (37.5 db). People can hear the wearer and the wearer can hear other people. It is muffled and this feature is under development

HEPA filters

What are your filters composed of and how do they work?
AIR filters use a blown Polypropylene and PET to achieve HEPA 12 filtration.

How long do the filters last?
3-4 months with regular use. 

Are the filters replaceable?
Easy, no tools needed. Snap into place around the inside rim of the mask.


What type of batteries?
AIR uses two lithium polymer battery (similar to laptop or phone batteries).

What is run time on both low and high fan speeds?
On the high fans speed, it will run for about 7 hours. On the low speed, we have run them for up to 12 hours.

What is the minimum recommended charger?
2 Amps is enough for full speed charging. 3 amps will get you a bit more charging while running.  

How long does it take to charge?
Approximately 8 hours, depending upon charger.

Can you still wear AIR if the batteries die?
Our team has done extensive testing, and determined that if the fans shut down, the mask is still safe to wear. However, it will quickly become uncomfortable.

We recommend keeping a conventional cloth mask in the carrying case, mostly as a backup in case there is a misunderstanding with aircraft personnel, but also for this reason.


What is the fabric made of?
Impermeable black fabric  

How to wash the fabric?
Fabric is machine washable but must be air dried

How soon will I be able to order black and white?
AIR will be shipping in black. 


Return Policy?
There is no return policy. AIR is considered a wearable and returns cannot be used for other customers.

Does this come with a warranty?
As a new product and company, a policy has not been developed yet. We want you to be fully satisfied with the product, so please contact customer care with any product problems.


Does AIR fit larger sized heads?
We have tried AIR on someone who is 6' 8" with the following head dimensions:
24 width cm, 18 height cm, circumference 66.3 cm. He said it was comfortable and worked completely fine

Does it comes in different sizes?
AIR is one size fits all. Other applications, including various sizes, will follow.


Is AIR TSA or FAA approved?
AIR has successfully been tested on many flights in the US. Because AIR is a new product, chances are that the flight crew you encounter will not have seen or heard of it. Please be prepared with a conventional mask in case you run into any misunderstandings. Our team is working directly with the airlines, and also developing content to help get the word out.  

Can I eat or drink while wearing it?
Like other masks, the lower portion may be pulled up to eat or drink.

Can it be used for medical/educational work?
AIR was not designed for these applications. AIR is not FDA approved.
Can I fix the acrylic if it gets scratched?
The acrylic is scratch resistant. Deeper scratches may be buffed out.  

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