AIR2 x MicroClimate
AIR2 x MicroClimate
AIR2 x MicroClimate
AIR2 x MicroClimate
AIR2 x MicroClimate
AIR2 x MicroClimate
AIR2 x MicroClimate
AIR2 x MicroClimate
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AIR2 x MicroClimate

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AIR2 is sold out and discontinued. AIR3 will launch later this year and will replace AIR2. We anticipate sales of AIR3 will begin Summer or Fall of 2023.  Filters and other accessories will remain available for AIR1 and AIR2 for the expected lifecycle of the respective models.   

AIR2 by MicroClimate is a full-faced, fully-filtered super mask that seals around the neck and filters both incoming and outgoing air. AIR2 uses four HEPA filters around the frame of the mask to filter at least 96% of 0.30 particles of incoming and outgoing air.


- 4 HEPA filters scrub incoming and outgoing air.
- 1 Removable washable fabric scarf creates neck seal; beard/facial hair compatible
- 8 to 20 hours of battery life
- 2 whisper-quiet, tri-speed fans
- Full-faced, fog-resistant, impact-resistant, replaceable, acrylic dome
- Two-sizes of cushion liners included
- 6 ft. USB-C cable with magnetic adapters included for charging
- Microfiber cloth for cleaning
- Carrying case
- Speech and hearing are both improved organically by design. Also works well with AirPods and Live Listen feature on iOS
- Weighs approximately 2 


Shipping to the contiguous U.S.
Produced in the USA.

AIR2 is in stock and shipping on demand.  

AIR and AIR2 do not filter vapors, odors, or gases. Not to be used in a low oxygen environment.


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Glenn Y.
United States United States

Faceplate came lose on flight

I purchased this because I am a kidney transplant patient and immune compromised. While on my first flight since Covid began, the claps spontaneously loosened, and there was a 1 inch gap between the face plate and the air 2. On further examination, the black strip seal was coming loose in multiple parts parts of the helmet. This is my first real use of the air 2. Hopefully, I wasn’t exposed to anything, but this product is clearly unusable. I’d like a refund on this clearly defective product.

Emma M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Brilliant piece of kit

We ordered an Air 2 to come over to the U.K. and our whole experience has been very good. The microclimate team went above and beyond to support us in our request for delivery over here and were polite and efficient. When we got our delivery we noticed a small amount of damage from transit to our item but it seems to still be working well and is a fantastic mask. It is spacious and well designed and you get used to wearing it quite quickly. We are very pleased with it and are happy to recommend the company and the products to others.

Mr. Kim Wolfe
United States United States


I've been in automotive field for years. I bought this only for protection form sanding dust grinding particles ect. The clips that hold face shield to the housing are loose. The suspension on your head with to little foam pads is inadequate. For the price it should have head gear like a hard hat. There are no directions and don't tell scan or go to the web site.

Joe R.
United States United States

Worth every penny

Microclimate is apart of our family in many ways for real! Multiple times my wife and children had Covid from my father-in-law and I was able to stay healthy and not contract it while caring for them all because of this helmet. When my sister was diagnosed with cancer, and I needed to be safe by making sure I didn’t bring anything into her home that would compromise her immune system even more, the helmet did the job. Every flight I hop on, I’m protected amazingly from the constant coughing and sneezing going on in an enclosed space, not to mention in the airports that are filled with germs. We have 3 total, and every family member I promote to buys one. Don’t even hesitate to buy this if you want to be safe have peace of mind and protect yourself in a way that doesn’t make you cover your face and make interacting so non personal! The looks you will get sometimes will differ, but who cares, you’re protecting yourself far greater than any paper mask could! I stand by these with no issue whatsoever. The battery last forever, I’ve pushed it to the limit by running through multiple airports and layovers and it still lasts down to the last beep! Low battery last much longer than I thought it would! When Covid was in my home I even slept in mine and kept it charging while doing so! If you can’t tell yet, I LOVE microclimate and I’m sure you will too! -JRIII

Jonathan W.
United States United States

A different use

Being immune compromised sucks, plain and simple. Wearing a mask also isn’t a long term form of protection, your jaw muscles ache, your ears hurt, it gets old pretty fast. Outside of getting myself a bubble for clean air access I thought my options to hang out with my kids were pretty limited. Then I found this and so far I’ve been able to be around the little germ factories without getting ill. Major benefit is I can’t touch my face so that’s a huge plus. Definitely feels as reliable as my mask with added bonus of not touching my eyes lol.