AIR x MicroClimate
AIR x MicroClimate
AIR x MicroClimate
AIR x MicroClimate
AIR x MicroClimate
AIR x MicroClimate
AIR x MicroClimate


- 4 HEPA 12 filters
- 1 black removable washable fabric scarf
- 8-12 hours of battery life depending on fan speed
- 2 dual speed fans
- Full faced and fog-free acrylic dome
- Two-size cushion liners included
- 1 Active Band for more active stability
- 6 ft USB-C cable included for charging
- Microfiber cloth for cleaning
- Carrying case
- Works well with AirPods and Live-Listen feature on iOS
- Weighs approximately 2 lbs

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Produced in USA.
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$49 - set of four

What are your filters composed of and how do they work?
AIR filters use a blown Polypropylene and PET to achieve HEPA 12 filtration.

How long do the filters last?
3-4 months with regular use.

How difficult is it to replace the filters?
Easy, no tools needed. Snap into place around the inside rim of the mask. 

AIR Scarf
AIR Scarf
AIR Scarf
AIR Scarf
AIR Scarf
AIR Scarf
AIR Scarf


AIR Scarf in White and Panda has a 2-week lead-time before shipping.


A Little Strap. A whole lot of Difference
Now you can be more active while wearing your AIR without worrying about it shifting. The AIR Active Band easily attaches to the Velcro on your existing side pads to support the back of your head and keep your AIR comfortably in place.  


MicroClimate Air has an innovative sealing method. This patent pending technology is robust and comfortable. It seals at the neck, like a shirt collar. The convex shape of the neck allows a flexible fabric to achieve an airtight seal. An elastic drawstring helps ensure the seal stays in place.


MicroClimate Air’s scarf not only seals, but also helps manage quick exhale events, like cough’s. The interior of the mask is kept at slightly negative pressure, -20 Pa. This causes the fabric to contract slightly. When a cough event occurs, the fabric is able to bulge out to normal size. This accumulator affect allows these sudden burst events to be fully contained. The fabric scarf may be removed for machine washing and should be air dried.


Air features four pleated HEPA filters. These filters are HEPA 12, 99% of 0.3 micron particles are filtered. One filter is used for exhaust, while the other three are used for inlet. This helps keep the pressure and air velocity low, improving comfort inside the mask. The filters may easily be removed and replaced by the user. The pleated design allows over 200 square inches of filter area.


Two Lithium Polymer batteries are located near the back of Air, helping balance the device. 28 Whr of capacity allow Air to run for more than 8-12 hours on a charge depending on the fan speed. Batteries comply with FAA 49 CFR 175.10 and have safety circuits onboard the cells to protect against over voltage, overcurrent, and keep the battery from being discharged too low. A USB-C port, for charging the batteries, is discreetly located next to the switch under the fabric on the right side.


Exhaled breath from humans is hot and humid, 90 deg F and 85 % humidity. MicroClimate Air utilizes two dial speed fans to expel air at a rate of 120 lpm. This is well above resting respiration rates of 30 lpm, so the air temperature and humidity are nearly the same as the surroundings. This cooler dry air keeps the acrylic dome from fogging up.

High flow rates, if not managed correctly, lead to dry eyes and mouth. High velocities can also make allot of wind noise. MicroClimate Air utilize over 200 square inches of filter, keeping air velocity very slow. No breeze is felt, helping the device further disappear into the background.

Note: Maximum respiration while exercising is around 350 lpm, so MicroClimate Air is not properly equipped ventilate a person under these conditions. 


MicroClimate Air does not touch the face. Its 1.75 lbs is supported by padding on top of the head. The seal touches the neck, like a shirt collar.


The transparent Acrylic dome allows the wearer full peripheral vision. This helps the device quickly fade into the background after being put on.


Air comes with a Microfiber cloth for cleaning the dome. 


Air comes with a carrying case. The case has a separate pocket for the charging cord, microfiber cloth, etc.

More details can be downloaded in the link below

Download Technical Specs