AIR is the first in a series of products from MicroClimate™.  Development for other applications, including everyday use, education, and healthcare are under way. 

All About AIR

AIR by MicroClimate™ utilizes a variety of technologies to creates a clean air environment around the head. Fans are used on both the intake and exhaust. This keeps the pressure inside the device neutral, allowing the seal pressure to be very low. The neck seal has the feel of soft clothing.

Lightweight, durable polycarbonate allows a full view of the face.

The user can wear glasses, makeup, etc. without interference.

The device is supported by the top head, like a hat. This design allows normal head articulation, the head can move independent of the neck, without disturbing the seal.

Lithium Ion batteries and high efficiency brushless motors allow up to 6 hours of use on a charge.

The Technology

There's 9 US Application Patents to protect various aspects of Air.

The Legacy

AIR by MicroClimate™ was founded in an innovation hub – Hall Labs – renowned in the fields of energy technology, material science, clean-tech, and manufacturing. Hall Labs is a modern-day Edison lab with 70 years of track record of developing and deploying new technologies and innovations successfully. Novatek, Vanderhall, and Medic Life are just a few examples of the portfolio companies that have blossomed from Hall Labs. There have been over 900 patent filings since 1955. In recent years, Hall Labs has seen multiple $100M+ exits in its portfolio companies.